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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Series III 88 Repairs

This Series III 88 has come to us from California. It isn't terribly rusty so it doesn't need a frame off restoration or refurbish, but it has been out of service from many years and needs a good going over, as well as numerous repairs to get it road worthy again. All the hydraulics and hoses have dry rotted, and items like wheel bearings and seals all need to be replaced from dry rot and rust. We'll go through the 88 system by system and get everything back "on line" and ready for some enjoyment by the owner.

The first step is gut gut the systems that we know are bad and repair the needed parts with new Genuine Land Rover pieces. This will get the 88 back into service and allow us to find any other problems that might show up once we are able to conduct a road test. Here you can see we have removed the fender to access the brake and clutch master cylinders, as well as the steering box and the tie rod ends in the steering system. We have also stripped down the front axle due to bad swivel balls and pins. All these systems will be expertly rebuilt using the correct factory parts for a long lasting repair.

Here you can see inside the 88, where we have removed the floors to replace the gearbox shifter. It is very worn and will not shift correctly. We also need to address the reverse light switch and remove some odd ball wiring that had been done over the years to make the 88 operate correctly again.

The front axle of the 88 has now been fully rebuilt, new U joints, swivels, pins and seals. This along with the new brakes will keep the Rover going in the right direction and make it able to stop well. This image shows the LH swivel housing fully rebuilt. This isn't a restoration so everything is cleaned and inspected and assembled with new parts, we didn't detail the paint work, but all the mechanicals in the steering system are now 100%, right down to the new tie rods and new gear oil.

In the rear of this 88 we found the same sorts of problems. Years worth of poor repairs and lots of seized parts. Here you can see the brake shoes are worn almost completely off and that the pervious repairs were done with blue silicone rather than using the proper gaskets and sealants. We'll strip these items down, clean and inspect them and then assemble them with new seals and Genuine Land Rover parts as needed.

The engine bay is starting to come together now. We've installed the new brake and clutch hydraulics as well as corrected some fuel line issues to the Weber 2bbl carb., adjusted the valves, changed the all fluids and filters, corrected some nasty battery cable mess, installed a new Optima battery and we are just about ready to try and get this 88 running again.

Once all the systems were road tested, we put the interior back together and closed everything up. The 88 is now road ready again and runs and drives quite nicely. It even looks nice as well. It is now fully functional and ready for a summer of enjoyment by its owners. If your Series Rover needs a ton of work, or just a little, contact ECR, we'll be glad to help in any way we can.
The solution is simple... ECR.